LEED Consulting & Green Design Coaching


Our sustainability services consist of a three-tiered offering; our first-tier service, the Sustainability Walk-Through, is a two-day, on-site analysis which evaluates a property's potential LEED score. Our second-tier offering is a LEED Feasibility Study to help determine project goals.  Finally, the third-tier is for project teams looking to achieve LEED certification -Full Service LEED Certification   

  • LEED Feasibility Study - If you are considering LEED certification for your construction project or existing building, the first step is to have us evaluate your LEED potential.  We will help your project team set LEED project goals and determine if LEED certification is right for your project.
  • Full-Service LEED Certification. A LEED accredited professional will walk you through the full LEED certification program.  We offer full documentation support and will help develop and support all sustainability goals, from design to build to completion. LEED service programs include New Construction, Core and Shell, Commercial Interiors and Existing Buildings.
    Preliminary LEED Sustainability Audit
  • LEED Sustainability Walk-Through and Charrette. The Sustainability Walk-Through is conducted by one of our accredited LEED professionals who evaluates the property's current LEED score. Our deliverable consists of a point-by-point discussion of our findings and an estimate of the general financial investment needed to become LEED certified.  SKYed can also help in the design phase of your project to assemble the project team members to help determine if LEED certification for your project is a viable option.
Green Design Coaching
Based on the principles of LEED and the Core Concepts of green building that SKYed teaches, we can help your firm develop a marketing plan and initiative to go "green".
In today's market it is important for your company to distinguish your self from others.  As we are in the beginning stages of the green building revolution there is still opportunity for your company to develop a niche in your market place.  SKYed will steer your company in the right in the sustainable market so that you can position your firm to stand out in the marketplace.