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NY Offers SKYed LEED GA & AP Students 50% Rebate

posted Sep 20, 2010, 11:55 AM by Skylight Education   [ updated Sep 20, 2010, 1:51 PM ]
Monday, September 20th, 2010
NEW YORK, NY - SKYed Eco Education is pleased to announce that many of it's alumni that reside in New York state who pay a Sytem Benefits Charge (SBC) on their utility bill are eligible for a 50% rebate on the cost of their exam preparation course, application and exam fees.  Students who pay this SBC fee in New York who have successfully obtained accreditation after November 30, 2009 are eligible for reimbursement of fees related to the LEED credential. 
If you notice that you pay an SBC charge or are participating New York's historic Energy Efficiency-Portfolio Standard (EEPS) you may be eligible for this generous rebate.  Now is great time to take advantage of the rebate administered by the New York State Energy Reserch and Development Authority (NYSERDA) before the funds run out or expire sometime next year. 
The funds are available through NYSERDA's workforce development program, created to train and certify workers to serve the needs of the Energy Efficiency Portfolio and to increase the training infrastructure for "green" jobs. 
For more details and information please contact us to find out if you may be eligible:
SKYed does not guarentee 50% reimbursement for course fees.  Students must perform their own due diligence and check with NYSERDA to make sure that they are eligible for the reimbursements.